v4 Patch #7 - 5th October - Farming and stuff


Staff member
Sep 24, 2016
Quick little patch to try and help some of the issues regarding farming. You can now level farming up to be 10 seconds quicker per harvest and can always sell it for the maximum stock price which has been increased.

Farming changes
  • Added 2 new Harvest Time skill upgrade points
  • Added 1 new Double Resource upgrade point
  • Increased corp max stock to 2500
  • Removed price reduction at higher stock levels
  • Increased average sell price of resources to 10c each
  • Reduced stock requirements for some sellable items
Other Changes
  • Cops now drop an ID card instead of 200c which can be sold in the public blackmarket or turf blackmarket
  • Removed the cooldown when changing gangs
  • Made the :give command use a different colour bubble
  • The farmer bots can no longer be attacked
  • Bots no longer give fighting stats
  • Corner shop key can now be frisked
  • Added gang colours to the wardrobe
  • Improved slot machine odds and increased money bag reward to 15x stake
  • Randomised "room speed", so everyone has a fair chance in games like Falling Furni, and taking a tile when walking
  • Other backend changes which should help performance and stability
  • Fighting changes
  • Increased time to knock down bank heist wall
  • Decreased lockpick chance for store heists slightly
  • The store robbery bots will now only call the police every 2 minutes
  • Store robbery cooldown increased to 40-60 minutes
Some farming changes and additions to the farming skills to improve profitability and feel to them