v4 Patch #3 - 13th August


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Sep 24, 2016
  • Made targets in the top left smaller
  • Fixed disabling the live feed
  • Both participants now deal the same damage in the arena
  • Added VIP and XP boost expiries to the store page, timezone is UTC
  • Fixed till stealing going super fast
  • Fixed Street Brawl badge
  • Players now always go first, giving dealers a small advantage
Slot Machines
  • The odds and prizes have been updated
  • The max prize (suitcases) is now 200x the stake (from 50x), so the jackpot prizes for 15c, 30c and 60c stakes are 3k, 6k and 12k
  • The second best prize (gold bar) is now 50x (from 15x)
  • Money from spins now gets added to the slot machines which casino employees can empty into the till
  • Added a :closedice command to close all of the dice around you
  • You can buy lottery tickets from casino employees
  • You can view lottery info with the :lottery command
  • Each ticket costs 30c, 15c goes towards the prize and 15c goes to the casino till for tips
  • Draws happen live in the casino every Wednesday and Saturday at 7PM UTC
  • There will be 1 guaranteed winner every draw, and there will be no duplicate tickets
  • Win up to 11,880c!
  • A brand new game has been added to the casino!
  • Ace counts as 1 or 11
  • Jack, king and queen all count as 10
  • If either player goes over 21, they go bust and the other person wins
  • If both players get stick on the same number, it's a tie
  • Player goes first and can hit to get a new card until they wish to stick
  • Player can only see 1 of the dealers cards when it's their turn
  • Dealer then goes second, aiming to beat the player without going bust
  • Play with :bet x blackjack <stake> at the casino, with a new blackjack interface
  • Fixed Robocop not being able to leave some rooms
  • Museum keys now get frisked
  • Police get an additional 50c bonus for arresting 5 star criminals
  • Cop assault is now a 2 star crime
  • Paramedics now perform an action in chat when declining paramedic calls
  • People who log in dead now get a paramedic call
  • Increased armour durability
Patch 3 is our casino update adding a few new things to the Casino and overall improving the corporation inline with the rest!
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