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Sep 24, 2016
Applications are now closed.


We are now opening up corporation management applications to give everyone time to apply before we open.
Please read and follow the instructions exactly as listed or your application will be ignored.

Whats new?
We have shaken up the corporation system quite a lot and the start of that is Manager Terms.

Managers are no longer permanent until they decide to resign, instead, Managers serve in 1 month terms and can be nominated for a second term only (Presidential system style). This nomination is made by the Senior team of the corporation through an anonymous vote. In short, your senior team will decide whether you are worthy of another 1 month term as manager and you can serve for a maximum of 2 months before you are required to step down. You can be nominated manager again in the future.

As well as this each rank within a corporation has tiers, Supervisors now need to empty tills and money earned from corp sales are distributed among all employees instead of being tipped 100% to the seller. Again, more information about all of this will be given in due course.

Managers Duties
  • Responsible for overseeing your corporation on a daily basis
  • Ensuring all workers abide by the rules in place at all times
  • Manage recruitment through listing job vacancies at the Job Center Plus
  • Manage corporation promotions
Manager Requirements
  • Have an unbiased, fair approach to corporation management
  • Be an easily approachable, non confrontational user
  • Show a mature attitude to dealing with all users
Apply Now
Please post your application HERE using the format below.
Corporations available: Police, Hospital, Armoury, Energy, Casino

What corporation are you most interested in managing?
Why should you be selected over other applicants?
Important Notes
  • There will only ever be 1 General Manager of a corporation who oversees the entire corp, Assistant Managers and Supervisors will be appointed by them.
  • Managers will be selected when it is necessary prior to opening, pestering or continuously asking will result in your application being ignored.
  • Managers roles and responsibilities are subject to development change as we are still working on corporation alterations and better in-game management
Applications are now closed.
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