Training after being hired


Staff member
Sep 24, 2016
I think a lot of the new cops get a rough time because they literally go from pretending to be a cop with Haze & Zeus to facing gangs on the street.
They don't know what to do in loads of situations, a browse through the complaints show that.

For example
  • Prioritizing criminals based on their wanted level - I see criminals wanted for assault being targeted over 5 star (do they even know theres a bonus 100C for arresting 5 star?)
  • Prioritizing someone who's been stolen in cuffs and properly communicating with other cops to get them back instead of just aimlessly following like lemons, if they lose an escort they should never stop trying to get them back unless they're dead!
  • Being cornered behind a staff counter, most just sit there for 10 minutes when there are many other ways around it
  • Properly using pepperspray, do they even know what pepperspray does? They get it on every single restock yet it's literally never used and can be the difference between losing your escort and dying
  • Saving flashbangs for situations which actually need it, for example ^ when they're cornered in a staff section
A lot of the complaints you see a reply saying "they're new, they'll learn" etc but they won't really learn until they've made all these mistakes unless you train them on how to deal with it all.