Tea Spill Time with Cosmo


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Apr 19, 2019
Hi everybody, it's me Ryan (user ry4n) again with another interview! I know you all want all this juicy gossip building up behind the scenes. Today we have Cosmo or Luke, who is one of the owners of PeakRP. Thanks again, to my trusty slave, volt, for asking the questions.

volt - Bold
Cosmo - Normal

We know that you and Haidyn run things around here, but what do you actually do for PeakRP?
Well, I code everything.
Oh. Such as?
All the client stuff, all the server stuff thats new. I'm the only developer.

What do you think about Dark and his experience with Tanje?
I mean, it doesn't really bother me unless he uses it for malicious intent on Apex. I'd love if people didn't use anything to give them an unfair advantage. <3

So, besides Peak what are your hobbies?
Peak is my hobby and I like cooking, and I work. I also play games like Overwatch and League of Legends.

Who do you think is the best staff member?
Because he's been here forever and he's just good. But of course, I love every staff member equally. They do a lot for the PeakRP community and it takes a lot to be staff.

Do you think there's any candidates for staff? If so, who?
My favourite people are: volt, iWail, vayn and Zeus. I won't say that they will get staff, but I'd like them to.

What's your relationship with Haidyn?
We're married.

What do you think of Peak Apex? Did you prefer V1 or V2?
I prefer Apex! We have got some good ideas to improve it.
Why's that?
Becuase we got to try new things and it's been a good change. We've learnt a lot.

Do you have any beef with anyone on the game? Anyone you don't like?
Hmm... Not really, but I did on V2. But you'll never know because I love everyone.

How much do you get from donations on the Peak Store?
More than £10. I'll say iWail and Michel are far from the biggest contributors or the majority.

Do you play any sports?
Yes. A lot, one of them is arguing on the Peak discord.
Who with?
1 person who really annoys me is Serkan.

Anyone you want to abuse? Or you'd like to?
Yes. Serkan, Busra and Rhiannon. Serkan is weird, Busra and Rhiannon are obsessive. Merol too because she won't KO Michel.

Do you like the Turks?
Yes. I love them. But I hate Sarahh because she's Dutch.

Do you prefer me, or Busra as an interviewer? And why?
You, because it annoys her.

Thanks. Anything you'd like to say to the fans?
Yes. I love everyone.

That ends this episode of Tea Spill Time™ with our special guest, Cosmo! This may have not been as interesting as the other interview, but all of our questions are spontaneous and we don't take the interviews seriously! Nevertheless, our interviews will carry on. We love you all.
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Feb 17, 2019
Haidyn said my name 0 times in his interview and Luke did it twice. I don't say anything :D
And can you make on leaderboards who spent most money on Apex rofl
I am about to spend another 50-100$ today on some tokens.

Do you think there's any candidates for unblacklist from APD? If so, who?
iWail, iWail and iWail

Who will never be hired as staff as long as Haidyn is owner?
iWail, iWail and iWail