ne3ne3 tea with iWail


Feb 17, 2019
What is ne3ne3 tea???
Best tea ever
-sips ne3ne3 tea-

Salam Alaykum, it's me Wail (ann Muhamad ann Ahmad ann Muhammadi) (user iWail) with the best interview ever! I know you all want to know more about this beautiful person. Today we are going to interview iWail, who is myself. Thanks again, to myself for asking the questions.

Interviewer Wail - Bold
iWail - Normal

Real life:
How old are you?
I am an 51 years old man looking for young children, but I usually just say that I am 15.

Where do you live?
The Netherlands, would love to move to UK and hit Hades for blacklisting me.

Tell us some of your favorite songs!
And your favorite videos?

What do you spend your spare time on?
I used to spend it on APD, but I got blacklisted. Now I spend it on fighting, bombing and getting rich on Apex. Further I am always money making and watching Dawoodsavage.

APD life:
Have you ever been cop before?

Why are you not cop anymore?
I got fired and blacklisted by Hades.

I am not sure, we have always been good friends.. but the reason that he gave me was: You may not deposit flashbangs. I had some deposited to use later. I didn't know that it was disallowed, since the rules were getting updated so many times. They announced in the Discord server that we could not trade them, but they didn't say anything about depositing. Now (after I got blacklisted) they hardcoded it so it is not possible to deposit it anymore..


How long did you get blacklisted? A day or a week?
3 months.


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????????? 3 months??? HOW?? Can you not appeal it?
Hades doesn't let me to. He is both Chief and Owner, so he can change rules whenever he want, without permission of anyone.

Why did you add that photos?
Oh, I just wanted to show you some photos of those men. Did you know that they are some of the biggest dictators ever?

Apex life:
How are you so rich on Apex?
Idk, how are you so broke on Apex?

Why did you choose to be a terrorist on Apex?
I love bombs.

Why do you get cheap shot skill?

I love it to crit cops and steal their escort.

Why do you like it to do that?
It gives me a feeling of being cop again.

Do you kill the stolen escorts?
I do nearly never do that. I usually give them back to a cop after some fun or lp (= lockpick) them.

Would you prefer having 200k + being blacklisted or having 200c + unblacklist (and hired)?
200c + unblacklist (and hired), would love to take that offer.

Did Hades destroy your life?
Yes, he did.

We know that you spend a lot of money on PeakApex, but how much have you spent so far?
That will answer all your questions.

Are you trying to get unblacklisted?

What have you tried already?
I went to the APD HQ when Hades was onduty and asked him if we could talk about it (like 1-2 weeks ago). He told me to leave the HQ or ill get charged with noncompliance and just jailed. And so he said, he did. He charged me and jailed me for 3 minutes. I came back, he found me there and did it again. That is what I mean with sole ruler/absolute ruler (you are not a dictator, please dont ban me). None can change his actions as Chief. Trying to get an unblacklist is for me impossible.

Did you start a petition?
I did and around 70 people signed it, but none takes me serious (I didn't pay them for signing).

That ends this episode of ne3ne3 tea with...our special guest, iWail! This is the most interesting interview ever. I hope that iWail gets unblacklisted and gets a new chance. He is the best cop ever.
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