I will be quitting PeakRP


Yes, You've seen the title. I will be quitting PeakRP. I will focusing on my Xbox, 2k, and Fortnite. A young man doesn't have time for habbo or some shit! I will also be quitting because of Apex, the time he have to wait for. Beta is crap so yea. Goodbye everyone! Here are the last words from a young wise man, I'm the Almighty legend, If you don't know me your probably homeless using the computer at a library. I am retired but returning on Apex. I am a criminal, Outside and Inside. PeakRP Players, Shaking my head. Addicts is all I have to say! You call people weird but look at yourself? Your probably 20 and don't even go to college? Get a life and also a job. I will continue this speech later you freaks, I'm out!