I heard my son speak when he was in another room, asleep.


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May 22, 2019
I'm currently house/dog sitting for a coworker. I have my four year old son with me for some company. Last night, we went to bed at 10pm, but I was awakened around midnight by one of the dogs barking. I got up to see what the fuss was about, and realized I'd left the porch light on and the dog was barking at something outside through a window. I assumed it was some kind of animal, so I turned the porch light off, made sure the door was locked, and headed back to the guest room.
Here's where the weird part comes in. The hallway to the bedroom is in an L shape, with the guest room in the corner. As I was opening the door to the room, I heard my son behind me in the hallway, clear as day, say "Momma what are you doing?" I turned around to scold him for getting out of bed, but saw only an empty hallway. When I entered the room, he was sound asleep in the bed.
Am I going crazy? Has anyone experienced this before? I walked over to him to make sure he wasn't pretending to be asleep, but he was definitely knocked out.