Heal is DEAD! but warren isn't


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Jul 14, 2019
Heal is dead! The next era is NOW!

As of 10th August 2019 I stepped down from being Heal (from when i'm not banned) and have now become Arrest!

That means PeakRP has a huge VOID that must be filled and that is for the next person to be just like user Heal! During my time playing user Heal on Peak I met many many new people (doa,nara,nora,pat,halima,pjx,jase,luffy,nur,natass,haidyn,halima,oshu,bellatrixx) so you MUST be willing to meet new people and pretend to be nice to them so you can take their coins

In order to be just like user heal you must have a SIMILAR outfit to the one above!


You cannot be the next user like heal if:
  • You are not gay
  • You do not like Warren
  • You have not been banned from peak v1 15+ times

The aim is to get as many people to like you and then SCREAM at them the second someone snakes you!
It's a lot of hard work but I beleive one of you guys can do it!

Best of luck,
- Former Heal
(P.S the user heal does not come with being the next Heal you will have to come with your own)

Will you miss heal? Are you excited for the next era Warren gets up to? Let us know down in the comment section below!
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