Fighters fighting fighters


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Jul 27, 2019
As my previous post got more likes than dislikes I'm going to post about what else is on my mind and that's fighters fighting fighters.

Peak needs to be more user friendly, an hours protection isn't nowhere near long enough. New users are constant victims of being ko'd before they've even reached a decent strength level and it shouldn't be like that. It isn't user friendly and it makes a lot of people leave because they just can't be bothered with it. So what's the answer? Make it so that you can't be hit until you have actually worked out to a high enough level and are able to defend yourself. We already have to pay a 150c gym membership for one hour only (which is hard to obtain) to then be hit by people with higher strength on our way there and on our way back to work, it's shitty.

But who will you kill instead of constantly bullying new people? Other fighters of course, bringing this in will promote gang wars which is surely what you all want? Lets make it less about killing noobs and more about fighting each other. Anyone disagreeing with this just wants easy kills and are being pussies.

Gods protection until you're able to defend yourself, an hour isn't long enough.
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