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    PeakRP Halloween Event: Feedback

    Maze Quest: it was fun but that roller room was so hard! D: Room edits & map decoration: the halloween theme was so cute Clue Quest: super easy i enjoyed it Pumpkins collection: eh it would’ve been more fun if it was random Ghastly Ghouls: i liked them! Interactive Cauldrons: better than trash...
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    Winstar Casino Poker Tournament

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    Please host more events.

    we need Kubz back to host connect 4
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    Why is it okay for people in powerful positions to talk shit, off duty in their workplace?

    This forum has been here for 2 year it’s not hard to get that role ....?
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    food and drink

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    food and drink

    thank u for the reminder
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    APD is Corrupt

    that’s actually false. i put u out the counter for a few seconds to give you a chance to pay the ticket as i was also low. you did not get hit when i did that. then i stunned them before i jailed you. i did not hold you in front of your attackers to hit you; i was trying to prevent us both from...
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    Heist-Corner Store

    I’ve done the corner store heist alone and got away fine. It’s a matter of not being overconfident when there’s 4+ cops on duty
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    New Corp

    I like this idea because it could also give you a chance to make your room beforehand so you can determine what looks good and what doesn't before you waste your credits on it.
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    Can all turfs be allowed to heist?

    I was extremely hesitant when they implemented the update for West turf because I thought it was dumb. After weeks of having it in place, I've come to see things how they saw it and I agree with them making only West turf the turf allowed to heist. It is unfair for someone who owns West turf to...
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    Add a death sound

    I think a death sound should be added like Roblox! In fact, we should add the Roblox one. It should be hotel wide every time someone dies, because imagine how funny that'd be in gang wars. Here is the sound requested!
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    E-Daters and etc.

    I agree with this 100% and I'm sorry I used to call you a dumb bitch when you were a cop x
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    The Xioz Cup III (Connect 4 sign up)

    user fall would like to play alSO