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    TNTs are currently useless

    TNTs are currently useless in it's current state it does 20 damage per TNT which requires 3 gunpowder to make which is becoming an increasingly costly item. You would need at least 8 tnts to ko someone with 150hp not to mention it would be even more significant to those with juggernaut therefore...
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    Acquiring gunpowder needs buffing

    In comparison to other tier 3 such as inventor which requires a crystal which is cheap combined with the fact that it can be found in 3 skills whereas gunpowder can only be gathered from just one but yet have the same % of chance to be found. I've found it really hard to gather gunpowder to use...
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    So most of us find cops annoying they love to camp in rooms which stops us from fighting. They also have the audacity to just chill in a room and eat cheetos aswell as over exerting their power as a cop. This must be put to an end and it's simple, cops should be targeted and be subject to...
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    Since drugs are being introduced to peak, there should be a corp which deals with drug related crimes called Drug enforcement agency. I don't know the extent to which drugs will impact the game but having a corp separate from the MET which solely focuses on drug related activities would benefit...
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    Metropolitan Police are now hiring!

    Due to the staggering user count which peaked around 350 users on the opening day, many thanks to the good job Luke and Haidyn have done. We are in need of extra reinforcement as we currently have 10 or so cops but we'd like to hire around 5 or 6 more so if you're interested in joining the force...
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    Denied Reviving without a tip

    I think we should bring back reviving people without a tip as it gives paramedics something to do instead of waiting for someone with coins to die and just sitting in the hospital. That 2xp will also help me level up and get intellect so let's bring it back!
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    Allow hospital workers to hit off duty

    It's simply not fair if you're trying to fight someone and they go inside the hospital, knowing you can't fight back while the rest of their gang members get aggression just to knock you out because you've got aggression and you can't fight back leaving you helpless and people are starting to...
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    Cops making up rules on the spot

    I made a complaint about a cop charging me for obstruction because I was hitting him with an axe and this was the response : Hello Flash, Thank you for your complaint. The officer acted correctly and I shall explained why. The obstruction law is as follows: It is unlawful to obstruct in the...
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    Denied Put a timer on bbj arena fights

    Its annoying when you're after a wanted user and they enter the arena to evade arrest. One guy stayed in the arena until he was off the wanted list.
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    Denied Some cop suggestions

    As you all know, the main gangs on the game have allied with each other most notably nas' gang and them foregion people which in turn has led to cops being more prone to being attacked on a frequent basis by 15+ people and we feel underpowered right now so here are some suggestions from some...