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    APD Recruitment process

    I believe the application process was put in place to give everyone a chance to apply as it just asks for your username and discord information therefore it begs the question on what merit do people get chosen over others without there being an element of bias in the equation. I would suggest...
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    Difference between Peak and Apex?

    Apex better than all versions except v1
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    Tania ur not much different, u called me a nigger ur a racist
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    Limitations to cops and heists.

    Jus ko the cop that's doing it simple
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    Don't take a taxi then?? Its easier to run if the pole is being camped which it never is and isn't even long
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    I personally don't have any problems with transporting to a location to revive so you shouldn't either. Try going to the gym to level up your health or maybe purchase a vest.
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    Queue system is awful, bring back taxi, it was more competitive for revives now everyone gets a turn. Dumb suggestion btw not even hard to teleport from that pole 😄
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    Apex Police Department Poll - Offduty Turf Rules

    U man r missing the whole point, u say u wanna watch gang wars in turfs? U can't do that without contesting it in that case u have to leave anyway so u can't even watch d fight, so that defeats the purpose of ur arguments (cops). U wud only be allowed to enter when theres no fight jus to talk...
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    Apex Police Department Poll - Offduty Turf Rules

    No, they're cops they have no reason to be in turf as the only reason people are in it is to claim the turf. We're not allowed to go in the rooms in APD, they shouldn't be allowed in our rooms, simple.
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    About bans ( Different language on global chat.

    Man said it disturbs others people when a foreign language is spoken, why df do you care, if you dont want to see it jus ignore it cause it's not hard, ur moving like you're entitled to read every bubble from every user.
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    Suggestion Skill

    It's been rejected 1000 times it's never gonna happen
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    Poll version of peak.

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    Poll version of peak.

    Nice Google translate
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    Poll version of peak.

    V2 was the worst peak version idk why yall want it back. Nothing beats v1 but apex is much better with new skills and removal of corps.
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    Tier 3 suggestions

    Some good ideas mama, I wonder who you stole them off from
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    Fighting suggestion

    If jugg level is op why don't you buy it and join the party. I sacrifice hitting more damage for increased health so I don't really see how its OP as I'm doing considerably less damage when hitting people because I'd rather have more hp
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    New Buffs

    No this is dumb
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    Denied for vip

    Loool mine near a bot, how hard is it?
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    Denied for vip

    They added a bot in mining so there's no excuses lmao my suggestion is come to the casino and bet that's only way to get rich from my experience
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    Denied for vip

    And like tourist said its pay to win not everyone can afford VIP membership