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    Pictures from my fight

    So as promised here's some photos, I know that I promised a video but due to copyright laws on our walk out songs Facebook kept taking fight videos down when my boxing coach uploaded them, but here's some pictures from my debut boxing match. Next fight December 15th :)
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    The new fighting system is so much better, a bit of common sense used, over all I am happy :) Brandy is back to have some actual 1v1's lol. Still a trophy missing though for the best 1v1ist of all time though. Hmm. EDIT Suddenly started freezing every 10-15 secs lol, knew it was too good to...
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    A winner

    Although I have a granddad body at the moment, you can't go wrong with a good combo. Unbeaten Champion Ross 'Silence of the Lamb' is going to continue :) Taking six months off to get my fitness to 120% and work on my body of course and I'll be back, fighting always has a place in my heart it's...
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    It was a war

    I am really looking forward to uploading the pictures from my fight tomorrow, we blasted it.
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    Silence of the Lamb

    This time tomorrow night I will know the result of my debut boxing match, regardless of the results I welcome you all to my next one (Those in England) Boxing has taught me nothing but respect and discipline. You are all welcome to my up coming fights :) Here's some words quoted from my boxing...
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    World events

    You can't 1v1 in the arena when any event is going on.
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    The Arena returning to an energy bar

    The arena always works best when it's as part of a corporation, specifically the energy bar, currently King's Arena isn't accessible for those not in a gang (Unless you don't mind dying a bunch of times just to get there.) I've attempted many times to get there from my work place and even when...
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    Unbeaten in the real world also

    Fighting sensation Brandy Emerson is boxing it out in the real world, he won his debut fight by a first round knock out on July 13th! He's next fighting at Queen's hall in September, tickets are on sale. Here to win and going to win.
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    Fighters fighting fighters

    As my previous post got more likes than dislikes I'm going to post about what else is on my mind and that's fighters fighting fighters. Peak needs to be more user friendly, an hours protection isn't nowhere near long enough. New users are constant victims of being ko'd before they've even...
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    Would it hurt to make the gym cheaper?

    It's far too expensive. 150c to work out for just an hour only... What people don't understand is that it's very hard to obtain 150c for some people, if you're not in a gang or don't have people to back you up you're just open to be killed by stronger people making farming very difficult as...
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    More trophies for the arena

    If Nathan and Above are on the trophy display for winning best fighter via a popularity poll surely I should be also on it for obtaining the most fight wins of all time? #1 for v1 and v2. Wouldn't usually ask for a trophy but it makes more sense to have me on there then for them to be on it as...
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    Arena isn't working

    doesn't let you enter, it states you're in the queue but doesn't do anything.
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    Sparring partner needed

    I'm looking for a mature user that can 1v1 with me until I get the grasps of the fighting system. Thanks X
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    What happened to there being safe zones?

    It was classified that there would be safe zones so you have places to go to when you're being jumped... obviously not. Never clicked the X so quickly for a game, will this be changing or will I have to find something else to do in my spare time... And I've been told that it's 150c just to 1v1?
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    No more resets?

    Would be nice to get a good score without it being reset every 6 months....
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    Who's looking forward to seeing me tomorrow

    ;) See you in the ring X
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    An all-time Leaderboard

    With all the resets it only makes sense to have a separate Leader board which features peoples all-time scores combined. It's a way to remember who's actually the best and it gives users something to actually work towards without having to worry about their stats being reset every six months. It...
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    Various clothes items previously missing

    In all versions of Peak I've played there's been missing items, I'm not talking about customs but regular clothes items. For example the mini skirt is always missing. Will v4 have all clothes? and all new hairstyles?
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    Opinions on the new fighting system

    I felt that the fighting system prior, anyone could fight on it. There would be unexplained diag hits landing and missing almost as if it was randomly generated and people were hitting others whilst moving away from them. After looking at the details of the new system I like how you can...
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    Removing paying fines to avoid jail

    I understand that people don't like going to jail for committing crimes but it sort of defeats the purpose when you can assault somebody and when you're caught you can pay a fine and go back to where you left off, I also think you can pay a fine after directly murdering someone to avoid jail...