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    add the new clothing to peak

    Pls upload furry
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    Apex Police Department Poll - Offduty Turf Rules

    I think they should be allowed in turfs. If they go in and get killed its their own acknowledgement before going in that they could die. I think a rule should be added that they cannot ga from turf if there are any wanted criminals because that would be unfair as the turf is a place for a gang...
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    Increase Juggernaut Level Cap

    They capped it too much its worthless
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    B0T News | Week One

    I beg you make a roast series
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    Tokens problem

    Just why
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    Make robocop switch rooms slower

    I agree with being more strategic. Take use in resources, such as knowing heroin allows you to evade or miss stuns, it could buy you 8 seconds into juking Robocop or the cop. If Robocop was nurfed, I don't believe making it slower will help bit perhaps have it target 3 stars or above, making it...
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    nialls suggestions

    Depends on your timezone, during aus its pretty quiet and even so they can just be stolen so they're to be planted with discretion like blackmarketing items
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    nialls suggestions

    i do think having a drug patch in each turf would be cool.
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    yeah he lit is camping outside apd. hes done it to me 5 times today without FAILURE whatsoever. Then he proceeds to go mad when you arrest him, and when ur offduty chases u down like some lunatic like he has nothing better to do???
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    Nerfing cops

    LOL thanks for using me as an example, during my tz i patrol when it's dead. I've saved you a few times but you're right, sometimes it gets very busy and I cannot tend to help calls as fast as i'd like. Especially as once a call is made you have a limited time to respond before it expires and...
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    Bullying Is Too Common

    Just close ur eyes bro
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    Tier 1 Skills - Fighter

    They get the chance steal coins from people they kill? But maybe the chance to steal a nedkit or energy from the persons inventory also?
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    A type of flower that could be introduced is aconitum\wolf bane(which is a flower poisonous in its roots): Can gradually lower the persons HP, which a witch can use to their advantage by selling an antidote otherwise the person will die.
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    bring back :heal x

    I think so too :) it'd be better xp for them in that case.
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    Tier 4 CONTENT - STUN/HIT issues

    Bh would be a good a good skill. For example, normal users can set a bounty on someone's head (someone else suggested this command, icr who) e.g :setbounty Jew 500. The Bounty hunter skilled people will then be notified who has a bounty on their head as well as the target, maybe a list like on...
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    A few suggestions regarding skills

    No. Drug bags and seeds do NOT need to be more frequent. People will still find them and more, pricing seeds in a way that will hardly give profit. I do think, having drugs stolen should be removed though. Considering you cant steal from other skills, or have a chance of failure, and as a solo...
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    And blacksmith for miners
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    Lol how is jugg trash you can take the time leveling up through fighting if you're willing to put the time. Its better in the longrun
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    It still should take time to heal, like go up slowly within 10-15 seconds but you have to heal whilst running and if someone hits you it stops. Dying is already too easy in this game. Its not instant like medic LOL. And :heal x should come back
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    bring back :heal x

    I mean you're optionally choosing to heal someone with a medkit you paid out your own money? Don't see how its bad.. Also trading medkits takes too much time to trade when someone is chasing you down. It's much quicker for the person to run in demanding a heal and a person can heal them. If...