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    Highland Hospital Manager Vote

    wish there was an L emoji
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    Free Cheetos

    so cute... bye x
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    logout should only be a crime when you're in cuffs

    Well it is different because apparently houses are personal areas so cops have to break walls down, court is not
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    logout should only be a crime when you're in cuffs

    Logging out because a cop walks in is avoiding them and giving themselves an unfair advantage so it deserves a logout charge. Cops can arrest people whilst they’re logging out it happens often. They only couldn’t cuff them because they were in the seats doing a jury so charging the non...
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    Cops & Heisting

    Like I was doing the smaller heist, jacks cafe and two cops instantly teleported. Why do you need 2 cops for a small heist. If cops do get alerted to it at least make it one of those bots in stores that calls after a certain amount of time. Why even have smaller heists when you don’t have a...
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    Juicy Pop Winners!

    man if only they did a cc in the games hall
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    Ticketing + Frisking

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    you're fat

    you're fat
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    or just fight back and die a champion
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    Winstar Casino Manager Vote

    casino best corp !
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    v4 Patch #9 - 9th November - Drugs, Bombs & Upgraded Armour

    guess im afking behind counters
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    Winstar Casino Poker Tournament #2

    Hell yea casino best corp