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    add the new clothing to peak

    Pls upload furry
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    Apex Police Department Poll - Offduty Turf Rules

    I think they should be allowed in turfs. If they go in and get killed its their own acknowledgement before going in that they could die. I think a rule should be added that they cannot ga from turf if there are any wanted criminals because that would be unfair as the turf is a place for a gang...
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    Increase Juggernaut Level Cap

    They capped it too much its worthless
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    B0T News | Week One

    I beg you make a roast series
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    Tokens problem

    Just why
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    Make robocop switch rooms slower

    I agree with being more strategic. Take use in resources, such as knowing heroin allows you to evade or miss stuns, it could buy you 8 seconds into juking Robocop or the cop. If Robocop was nurfed, I don't believe making it slower will help bit perhaps have it target 3 stars or above, making it...
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    nialls suggestions

    Depends on your timezone, during aus its pretty quiet and even so they can just be stolen so they're to be planted with discretion like blackmarketing items
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    nialls suggestions

    i do think having a drug patch in each turf would be cool.
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    yeah he lit is camping outside apd. hes done it to me 5 times today without FAILURE whatsoever. Then he proceeds to go mad when you arrest him, and when ur offduty chases u down like some lunatic like he has nothing better to do???
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    Nerfing cops

    LOL thanks for using me as an example, during my tz i patrol when it's dead. I've saved you a few times but you're right, sometimes it gets very busy and I cannot tend to help calls as fast as i'd like. Especially as once a call is made you have a limited time to respond before it expires and...
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    Bullying Is Too Common

    Just close ur eyes bro
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    Tier 1 Skills - Fighter

    They get the chance steal coins from people they kill? But maybe the chance to steal a nedkit or energy from the persons inventory also?
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    A type of flower that could be introduced is aconitum\wolf bane(which is a flower poisonous in its roots): Can gradually lower the persons HP, which a witch can use to their advantage by selling an antidote otherwise the person will die.
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    bring back :heal x

    I think so too :) it'd be better xp for them in that case.
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    Tier 4 CONTENT - STUN/HIT issues

    Bh would be a good a good skill. For example, normal users can set a bounty on someone's head (someone else suggested this command, icr who) e.g :setbounty Jew 500. The Bounty hunter skilled people will then be notified who has a bounty on their head as well as the target, maybe a list like on...