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    Introduce a rule or something to make it so if you robocop someone its ur priority to get them arrested, you have people waiting ridiculous amounts of time to be either arrested or ticketed. i was 1 star and waited 5 minutes for zeus to fucking arrest me?it may not seem that long but how long...
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    Free medkit

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    +jailbreak room for 1ST POint storage room wtever u call it but doubt cops go der anyway
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    1. remove animal from deputy chief. SRS FEEDBACK: adjust the avoid a death rule and add in no cop should go into places inaccessible for users such as heist rooms this is an unfair advantage. (looking at u animal) think its a rule but u needa enforce it more cops shouldnt be able to go on duty...
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    Obstruction being stackable + terrorism 2 stars.

    I know its only been in effect for an hour but may I ask why? you decided to add this in. idk it just seems a bit silly. I get as a cop losing your escort is so annoying and maybe quite a few people do it but its a part of the game which makes it enjoyable for criminals idk i personally find it...
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    Big give away

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    Big give away

    483 - Rose
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    36421 42563 11453 25435 52322
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    Team Platina arguably the worst gang on peak?

    i dont find this funny.. also u see in d ss they were tryna room hit u if u sayin every person who room hits nd misses is bad den um nice logic
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    Turf Safes, Gang Management

    probs ahmed
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    APD is Corrupt

    Halima APD Senior 18 minutes ago This is being handled by haidyn/luke. but cool
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    APD is Corrupt

    nd clearly ders some issue if staff gets involved with it
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    APD is Corrupt

    how is it nonsense when itts shown in ur video, ur d one complaining over nothing
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    APD is Corrupt

    der was a time when u cuffed me outside of apd yesu was low and u stood der for like 3 seconds when haze hit me and i said 'wyd' im not complaining though because it was a stressful situation and i probably would of done d same thing as u have to look at whos hitting u etc